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Posted on 2008-05-08

A while back we reported on the BBC iPlayer for the Wii, followed by news that the corporation are officially going to make the BBC iPlayer available on PS3 soon. Now, using a combination of the unofficial PS3 i Player and remote play on the PSP you can watch all those BBC World Weather reports from the comfort of your own WiFi hotspot, with a fairly decent frame rate too.

So here is your iPlayer for the PSP walkthrough:

  • Step 1 – You’ll need a PSP and a PS3 connected to the internet.
  • Step 2 – Set up remote play between your PSP and PS3. To use Remote Play for the first time, you must register (or “pair”) the PSP with the PS3 system at home – go to the “Settings” icon on your PS3 XMB, then “Remote Play Settings” select “Register Device” and follow the instructions.
  • Step 3 – Live in the UK. If you don’t then these guys will help you. Due to licensing laws and IP addresses using the BBC iPlayer outside of UK isn’t allowed – no iPlayer USA for now.
  • Step 4 – On the PSP’s XMB go to Network > Remote Play > Connect. You’ll need to experiment with different connection types, some are quicker than others depending on your network setup. If you are connected then you’ll see your PS3, only all tiny.
  • Step 5 – On your PS3’s XMB screen (which you are controlling on your PSP), under Network open the Internet Browser.
  • Step 6 – Navigate to the unofficial PS3 iPlayer found at www.ps3iplayer.com and start watching.

Once you’ve set this up and bookmarked the page you’ll be able to skip to step 4 every time you want to catch up on TV on your PSP.

Of course, as well as BBC content you can always add the PSP version of the weekly Gamesweasel video podcast to your PSP RSS feeds – full details on the Gamesweasel PSP RSS Channel.

So where does that leave Xbox owners wanting to catch up with BBC sports, rugby or cricket on their consoles? There are a lot of gripes here – you’d expect Microsoft to be the first with a plug-in for their system given that the BBC iPlayer codec is based on the Microsoft Windows Media Player. You can’t even convert iPlayer downloads into anything the playable on the Xbox due to the DRM. Even the flash embedded version would be better than nothing, but sadly a decent Xbox 360 web browser is as rare as a decent game for the Apple Mac – so expect a long wait.

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