Resident Evil 6 storyline emerges

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Posted on 2012-02-15

Capcom have just revealed some new facts about their highly anticipated Resident Evil 6 game released this November on consoles and PC. We already know that Chris Redfield will be heading off to China in the game but we now know the exact location will be the fictitious coastal town of Lanshiang. They have also cleared up some confusion about when the game takes place. It’s actually a year after the world is supposed to end which is 2013. As well as Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy featuring in the game, other characters will include Helena Harper, also a government agent, US President Adam Benford who hired Leon after the Raccoon City incident, Ingrid Hunnigan who works for the Field Operations Support (FOS) who’s worked with Leon for a long time and a mysterious third protagonist who looks like some sort of thug.

Enemies will include the return of traditional zombies and the J’avo named after the word Demon by the BSAA who appear 6 months before the action in Resident Evil 6. Like we’ve seen before these creatures are highly aggressive and can mutate damaged parts of their body into all manner of other things including mouths and tentacles. A useful party trick I can tell you!

Thankfully the game will also feature a refined control system that allows you to shoot whilst moving, slide, roll in any direction and take cover. And if you like punching things in the face very hard they’ve also enhanced the melee attack! It seems like things are definitely heading in the right direction with this one and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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