Pikmin for the Wii Release Date

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Posted on 2009-01-27

To keep us entertained whilst the Nintendo teams are working hard on the upcoming new Wii Sports, Mario and Zelda games, someone came up with the great idea of rereleasing forgotten GameCube classics with upgraded control schemes and bonus content. Pikmin is one such classic game where you control a cute astronaut called Olimar who crash lands on a planet. You must make contact and lead up to 100 Pikmin creatures at any one time to help rebuild your spaceship by locating the missing 30 pieces before time runs out. This clever console strategy game mixes the brain teasing puzzles you’ve come to expect from Nintendo combined with space travel and would you believe it…gardening!

Pikmin with New Play Control on Wii allows accurate and fluid play by pointing the Wii Remote at the screen, no more struggling with a slow moving analogue controlled reticule, simply point and click like a pc mouse cursor. The Pikmin Wii release date for Europe is the 6th of February and the Pikmin for Wii release date in North America is March 9th 2009.

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