FootLocker promo codes

Gamesweasel is brought to you in association with Foot Locker, use our Foot Locker promo code valid for February 2014 to save money on athletic shoes and gear.

How to save money at Foot Locker

To save money on your next purchase at Footlocker use a Foot Locker promo code valid for February 2014 at checkout:

How to use a Foot Locker promo code

  • Follow our clickable promo code link above.
  • Once you’ve filled up your shopping cart click on the Checkout icon and enter your shipping details.
  • Click “Calculate”
  • Your Foot Locker coupon code will be applied and $15 will be deducted from your order.
  • You can use this method numerous times per address without limitation as this Foot Locker promo code won’t expire.

More Foot Locker coupon codes

Footlocker CouponsThere are numerous Foot Locker coupon codes for 2014 on the internet; however you’ll find that many of these might be invalid or have expired. We’ve verified that our Footlocker source code is valid for March 2014 and will save $15 at today. Head to our BiteSizeTV Deals site and visit the Footlocker coupons page for a full list of valid February 2014 Footlocker coupons and money saving offers. You can use these promo codes to buy sports shoes, athletic gear, apparel and more:

See the Footlocker web site for details - some restrictions apply; these Foot Locker coupon codes are valid from Feb 2014 until 2015.