Gamesweasel RSS Channel

Gamesweasel is a weekly video podcast with games news, videogames reviews, gaming industry interviews for console, portable and PC gaming. This weekly video show is formatted specifically in PSP mp4 videos format for the Playstation Portable and can be added to your PSP rss channels videos section.



Setting up

1. The Sony Playstation Portable comes built in with the ability to download podcasts without the need of a computer. With the wifi switched on (the left switch) and an active internet connection, from the home screen scroll all the way to the right and select the ‘Internet Browser’ under the ‘Network’ option.

2. Press ‘Triangle’ to bring up the address bar, press ‘Up’ to highlight it then press X. Enter the following address (the on-screen keyboard is a bit fiddly) then press START:-

3. Next scroll down to click the following link from your PSP’s web browser:-

4. The PSP will ask you ‘Do you want to add this channel?‘ – just select ‘Yes‘ and you’re done!

Watching each week

1. From the home screen scroll across to the ‘Network‘ option, under ‘RSS Channel‘ scroll down to the podcast named ‘Gamesweasel PSP‘ and press X.

2. You’ll see a list of all the episodes we’ve done so far, tapping ‘X’ will copy the selected episode straight over to your memory stick.

3. Going back to the home screen, under the ‘Video‘, then ‘Memory Stick‘ you’ll see ‘[RSS] Gamesweasel PSP‘ – from there you can watch all the PSP mpeg4 videos you’ve saved from your PSP RSS feeds.