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Posted on 2008-05-19

How to get cheap and free Microsoft points codes

Initially this article reported on a highstreet retailer giving away free Microsoft points codes, since that offer ended we’ve been inundated requests for free microsoft point codes so we’ve put together this handy guide for the cheapest ways to pick up points. We’ve been working out dollar for dollar how each of the different Xbox live points codes cards compare and in the process discovered a bargain Xbox 360 accessory pack bundled with free Xbox live codes for 12 months. To help you choose we’ve drawn up this list of Xbox live points codes cards and worked out how much they cost per 1000 points or per month:

Xbox 360 Live points cards

For games, maps, expansion packs and downloadable content

Xbox 360 Live subscription cards

For online access

Recommended cards

Although the smaller 1600 points and 3 month cards are cheaper these represent a false economy, if you can afford to buy extra points and months in bulk then we suggest picking up the larger 4000 point and 12 month cards - here are our picks:

Best value points card

For the best value Microsoft points codes pick up an Xbox 360 Live 4000 points card for $45.57 from Amazon.com, even if 4000 is an overkill in points for what you might need now you’ll easily be able to spend them within a few months. The next time you buy that killer game that you just have to download all the expansion packs for then you’ll have some spare points in your balance ready to go.

Xbox 360 Live 4000 points card

Best value subscription only card

If you just want get your Xbox online for 12 months then best value card to buy is the Xbox 360 Live 12 month gold card for just $37.54 which will let you access all Xbox Live content, download the latest exclusive demos, enjoy multi player enabled games, communicate using voice and video chat and now stream TV shows, movies and HD content.

Xbox 360 12 month live gold card

Best overall subscription card

To get the best experience from online gaming we suggest the Xbox 360 Live 12 month messenger gold pack (pictured below) for only $56.54, this pack includes 12 months Xbox Live gold access and accessories worth $64.97. You’ll get a wired headset to chat to your online gaming buddies worth $19.99, a messaging keyboard to speed up typing worth $24.99 and the highly acclaimed Project Gotham Racing 4 video game worth $19.99. With $5 worth of free mp3s thrown into the deal we’re left wondering why Microsoft and Amazon haven’t gone out of business yet giving away over $125 worth of Xbox 360 goodies for less than $60.

Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Messenger Gold Pack

Physical cards vs online game codes

There are two ways to pick up the card from Amazon, a physical card and an online game code - both do exactly the same thing but differ in price depending on how desperate you are for those points.

  • Physical scratch cards are cheaper and arrive in the mail with free super saver delivery - although these save you a few dollars they usually take around 2 to 3 days to arrive. These also make good 21st century equivalents to book tokens for birthday and Christmas presents if you are short of ideas for your Xbox owning family and friends.
  • Online game codes mean you’ll get your hands on those MS points codes immediately. Amazons’ online game code service is almost instantaneous but there is a premium price for that extra convenience.

Prepaying with a subscription card is also worth it if you are concerned about Microsoft repeat billing your credit card details or having your credit card being used fraudulently. Ordering a physical card and sticking with a reputable company like Amazon.com is a safe bet, parting with your credit card and filling in online surveys in return for points can also a risky business.

Xbox 360 mp3sGet $5 worth of MP3 downloads free with selected cards

To promote their online music store Amazon are also giving away $5 worth of downloads from their MP3 store for every microsoft point codes card you buy. This special offer is valid until June 15th 2010 and these mp3s music downloads will work on both your Xbox 360 and any other device you own.

Xbox 360 Wireless Network AdapterXbox 360 networking essentials

All Xbox 360 Live products

Buy now

Buy Xbox 360 Live points cards from www.amazon.comXbox 360 Live points cards is now available for the Xbox 360 from www.amazon.com


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