Little Big Planet Xbox 360 version

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Posted on 2008-08-11

So with three very big games (GTAIV, Bioshock and Final Fantasy XIII) going multi-format, does this mean that one of Sony’s key PS3 titles. So when is the Little Big Planet Xbox 360 version being released? Well even though the Xbox 360 has shown itself to be more than a match for the Playstation 3 in terms of graphical power, a game like LittleBigPlanet is likely to have a small appreciative audience on the 360 and may not be worth the extra development time needed to port it over. A PC version is much more likely though as another game by the same designers; Rag Doll Kung Fu, is available on the PC through Steam. However, seeing as the games title is a registered trademark of Sony and not Media Molecule, we really don’t think you’ll see this title anywhere else, which is a shame really as the pointer and motion control of Wii would’ve really suited it. The LittleBigPlanet release date is 30th October.

Little Big Planet Xbox 360 version

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  1. On August 26, 2008 Your face said: -
  2. On September 2, 2008 Anonymous said: -
    I wouldn't be so sure of that Your face (really? grow up...). I was just recently dropped a hint by someone who almost never gets this kind of news wrong that it would be coming to 360 in the future.
  3. On September 3, 2008 senor cartgage said: -
    well, people do make mistakes mr anonymous man. you sly dog you.
  4. On September 3, 2008 Someone said: -
    "I wouldn’t be so sure of that Your face (really? grow up…). I was just recently dropped a hint by someone who almost never gets this kind of news wrong that it would be coming to 360 in the future."

    yeah, true....ALMOST though......please ppl just give sony a break and let them have one "pure?" exclusive without fanboys saying "but ps3 dosent deserve that game!, it should belong to the 360!" plus remember all that hype about metal gear solid 4 being ported to the 360, well it never happened and WILL most likely never happen and yet ppl arent even beleiving it even though the creator himself confirmed it. Trust me, LBP will not go to the 360.....pc, likely not but who knows.....

    I'm not a fanboy, even i own a 360 but i dont fuss around saying ps3 "intended" exclusives must be imported to the 360 cuz i beleive its just one of the consequences of buying a console. (unless ur filthy rich and own all 3 =/)
  5. On September 14, 2008 It ain't happening said: -
    People it will not be ported to the 360, it has already been confirmed. The reason it can't be is because LBP heavily uses the PS#'s HD to download all the additional content/user created levels. Since not ever 360 has a HD built in, they would have to design the game around that, meaning that they would have to get rid of the user created aspect of the game, which I believe to be what makes it so great in the first place.
  6. On September 24, 2008 It might... said: -
    Or... they just put a logo on the box "HD required to play this game" or "HD required to access user-created content" Easy solution.
    Other games have done it before, and will again.

    There are reasons why it might not make the 360... that's not one of them.
  7. On September 27, 2008 Baralaiz said: -
    Guys.... LBP is done by MediaMolecule, completely paid by Sony.... it's ONLY Sony game, forget the Xbox360 version. Forget, really, it won't never come there.
  8. On September 28, 2008 dude said: -
    The game is published by SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) and distributed by SCEE and SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America).
    The Little Big Planet IP is owned by SCEE.

    This game will never come out on Xbox 360. Not ever.

    The developer of the game, Media Molecule, is an independent company. And it's incredibly likely that they will make games for other consoles. It's very likely they could make games for 360, Wii, PS3, or PC. However, they will not make a Little Big Planet for anyone but Sony; Little Big Planet belongs to Sony.

    It would be like Halo coming out on the Playstation. It would never happen because Microsoft owns the Halo IP. Even though Microsoft no longer owns the developer of Halo (Bungie), they still own the Halo IP. These games differ from Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, and even Metal Gear Solid, because the IP is owned by companies that make the consoles.

    On a related note, the lead designer of Rag Doll Kung Fu, Mark Healey, is co-founder of Media Molecule. He was working for Lionhead at the time, but created Rag Doll Kung Fu under his own Qi Studios with a couple other Lionhead employees. Rag Doll Kung Fu, which was originally on PC with the help of Valve, is getting picked by Sony and one of Sony's development studios (Tarsier Studios). So, expect to see Rag Doll Kung Fu games coming out for PS3 in the future.
  9. On October 3, 2008 360 fan said: -
    this game looks so gay im glad its not on 360. if it would then that would be very sad
  10. On October 14, 2008 Ivanhoe said: -
    I looked at the 6 min video on youtube, and i loved what i saw, this game really got me excited, and im so happy that sony owns this title!
  11. On October 14, 2008 Poposhka said: -
    if LBP is popular enough, it WILL be ported to the 360. Money has that effect on people.
  12. On October 25, 2008 This:game:will:rock: said: -
    Dude this game will KICK ASS and ppl say this game will be *******bc there mad 360 dun haz it!!!

  13. On October 25, 2008 mr mongolian said: -
    i know this is out of ttopic but i think lbp is more likely to come out for the pc than the 360
  14. On October 27, 2008 :( wow... said: -
    oman thts unfair wish i got a ps3 now :( this game looks well gd makes me wanna sell my 360 so i can get a ps3 an this game lmao :D
  15. On October 31, 2008 yo mama said: -
    I'd love it 2 be on xbox 360 it would be awesome!

    Gamertag: conrod456
  16. On November 2, 2008 billy barty said: -
    It's gonna be released for the 360 on the 12th..... of never. It's ps3 ONLY!
  17. On November 8, 2008 :\ im sad said: -
    im so sad i have a wii nd when i saw da previews i really wanted it ......o well
  18. On November 9, 2008 Golden said: -
    Little Big Planet will never ever be on XBOX360.

    Yes I am a PS3 fan and a LBP fan, LBP stands for Little Big Planet.
  19. On November 9, 2008 Yeah! said: -
    Yeah, its PS3 exclusive so STFU all!
  20. On November 9, 2008 nobody said: -
    good for ps3, they finally have a game worth playing. that's great for all those ppl who spent their whole 2 wks pay check on that thing.
  21. On November 10, 2008 Ehhh said: -
    I hear a lot of desperate jealousy from the 360 fanboys here.. XD
  22. On November 11, 2008 lbp fan and x360 owner for ever said: -
    if all these ppl want the game out on the x360 then all of us send a letter to the creater of the game ad hope they make on x360 cause if they dont then i will go round there and killem
  23. On November 13, 2008 Da Duff said: -
    So if you have a PS3, you want it to be isolated to your console. However, from a business stand point, why wouldn't you release it to Xbox? Unless Sony is paying for the rights, in hopes to gain people who get PS3 only for little big planet. I bet they will wait until they feel like they have lost that advantage, then release it to Xbox. They will say no no no we're not going to release it to xbox, then in a month release it. Max way to make $$.
  24. On November 15, 2008 Golden said: -
    I got a code when I got the game!
  25. On November 15, 2008 LBP fan said: -
    LittleBigPlanet cannot make it to the xbox 360, as the LBP discs use nearly all of the memory...360 doesnt have 'nearly' all of the memory the ps3 can stretch to as xbox 360 doesnt use Blu-ray discs, they are stuck with last century DVD discs.

    I would like to take this moment to say OWNED!!! In y'all faces xbox fans XD

    Besides the losses xbox 360 have, Sony are not going to let a company who premake their consoles so they break (and end up having to spend more money to buy a 'new' console- when they could have made it to not break like ps3 has done very well) have a game as good as LittleBigPlanet. I think this is going to be a new leaf for Playstation and they're going to seize this opportunity to push xbox out of the picture- seeing as the fanboys are so indenial of the faults the xbox has been burdened least SOME people are fooling for the 'Microsoft scam' as we like to call it in our graphics class.

    'Microsoft scam' meaning, why would a console make special lights that go off when the console is broken (i mean, that is painfully obvious that they arent being loyal to their customers) and i know they have remade it so it doesnt get the RROD but then surely they could have done that before...they have released it knowing how faulty it was so that they could hold out for the next series of months raking in the money. then by releasing the elite they are making the original 360 buyers BUY their 'new and improved' model. and wow, making their console literally SCRATCH 360 discs- wiked! dont get me wrong, i think they are very clever scamming you guys, but obviously we (being intelligent people) can see right through their dirty little tricks- and by not attaching any of this 'new century stuff' onto it and making their customers pay MORE to get the stuff ps3 comes with, Brilliant...these guys are really doing well for themselves... but im loyal to playstation as they are loyal to me and i am in for the future of gaming and aiming to less money (in the long run) for more value then the xbox offers.

    Ooh! can't wait for replies from 360 fanboys XD
  26. On November 15, 2008 360 owner and ex ps3 said: -
    Well. I've been a 360 owner from right about the time it came out. But, a while ago, I bought a ps3 too, because I heard of lots of cool games were coming out. I bought a few games for the ps3.... they all just sucked. There were really no good games out for the ps3. Online play was ok, but no one really talked.....unlike the 360 when you get awesome teamates. One main reason was to get the ps3 to play LBP, but I sold my ps3 like a day before it came out...... Didn't wana waste my money again. And, I really don't think there going to make it for the 360 sadly :(. Companies make ALOT of money on exclusives... gets people to buy the system. Halo trilogy for example...
  27. On November 16, 2008 LBP for 360 said: -
    LBP is like Halo 3 for 360 except its for PlayStation 3
  28. On November 18, 2008 Its coming said: -
    its coming out for 360 :|

    my uncle chris is one of the top staff in the xbox/microsoft game devolpers and he told me that microsoft is not going to loose a game like this and they are willing to double the offer ps3 is giving them to make it an exclusive but its not offical to ps3 exclusive so its still up for grabs :|
  29. On November 19, 2008 Golden said: -
    Little Big Planet wil never come out on XBOX360, it is for Playstion3 Only!
  30. On November 20, 2008 Funny one, NOT said: -
    Ps3 Exclusive ROFL LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Yep it's true it is LOLOLOLOL ROFL
  31. On November 22, 2008 Wiseolman said: -
    Just think of LBP as Sony's Halo. They're not giving up the fame.
  32. On November 22, 2008 The guy in the middle said: -
    Ok yes it is true Xbox will never get a version of LBP, Why Because SONY owns the right of Little big planet because they invented it, MM just made the game and a bloody good job as well, If Xbox owners belive there console to be way out of PS3 reach then why do they need LBP? Are they so scared of PS3 and the great up coming games that exclusive that they have to make stuff up? I dont know but all f the Xbox owners i know are Over weight Nerdy types who love to play WoW..... That been serious,

    LBP needs 41GB of disk space to play, Alot higher than Xbox Dual-Disk DVD..
    Owned by SONY,
    MM left Lionhead because of a bad deal with microsoft,
    PS3 has a feture witch allows the PS3 to do mutiple things at once, Xbox has this but there is not as powerful as the Ps3 version and the chances are that it won't cope and just crash the console.
    Alos the great online needs dedicated servers to make shure all runs smooth and so theres is no lag or interfirence.... Xbox dose not have dedicated servers.
    And finaly it Exclusive all is sed
  33. On November 23, 2008 LBP Fan said: -
    I'm sorry you feel that way '360 owner and ex ps3'. But as I said before Microsoft needs SOMEONE to pull their scam off with, and you seem dumb enough to fool for it. Its a shame that there arent enough clever people around, because its plainfully clear that PS3 shares a lot of games with XBOX and by saying "There were really no good games out for the ps3" i find it neccessary for you to double up your statement with something more specific "There were really no good games out for the Xbox aswell". So either you really dont enjoy games, as you mentioned there werent any good games out on modern consoles, or youre just pretending there werent any good games out on playstation. Just letting you know that what you said doesnt really add up very well.

    Also PS3 arent willing enough to let one of their best exclusives come out on a cheap piece of machinery even IF the xbox COULD hold that much memory in one game, and seeing as Playstation has more money than Xbox they arent going to cave-in to a microsoft version of 'reasonable amount of money' which essentially is peanuts in the ears of playstation staff; they will simply offer more money to Media Molecule (creators of LBP) than what they were giving before- to make sure it isnt part of any dirty scams with the xbox.

    Hope you're all absorbing this valuable information, because i am speaking sense and knowledge unlike some people who dont have any idea what they are going on about.
  34. On November 23, 2008 Mr. 360 said: -
    LBP is'nt coming out on 360, but Microsoft will no doubt try and create
    something similar. oh and we have Fable 2! :P
    (yes, i am a fanboy, and i'm PROUD!!)
  35. On November 23, 2008 360 ! said: -

    It would be really nice if LBP came out for the xbox.. i played the game at my bro's house and the game is really fun. I hope that dude is saying the truth.. or i wil be really dissapointed.

    But there is one thing i dont get.
    If the game is such a hype on the ps3. Why dont they port it to the xbox ?
    They can make like tons of money out of that. + that more ppl have an xbox ?. so more sells.

    it would be a very very very stupid choise if sony doesnt port this game to xbox.. i mean.. MONEY. isnt that where its all about ?.

    i also read that the xbox couldn't handle graphic's or memory storage..
    How much Gb does the ps3 have.. 40 gb ?.. you get 60 on the xbox pro.. and 120 gb on the xbox elite..

    so why is sony making such a problem of this ?

    PS: dont mind my bad english.. it could have some grammar mistakes ^^
    Ima Dutch ;)
  36. On November 24, 2008 LBP fan said: -
    Oh yes i can imagine it now, "TinyLargeWorld exlcusive for the xbox 360" ahaha!! lol i think they would have to be sued, im surprised they havent been sued yet for the apple/wii/ps3 rip-off with the "new xbox experience": what with the apple/ipod background (tiles, fading into the distance) and the ninendo wii Mii avatars (but with clothes, "so that makes all the difference!!") and the ps3 ability to meet avatars and launch games etc (on playstationHome- but obviously ps3 beats it coz it can MUCH more than that)
    *sigh* i just dont understand how ANYONE can get impressed by something other creators have invented, and yet the playstation has ALREADY beaten and is STILL not released...remarkable!

    and Oh dear god "360!" i really think you should pay a little more attention: Xbox STILL uses last decade DVD discs- this means it only can reach about 8GB on each disc. Playstation uses Blu-ray discs which means it can reach to 100GB- thats 12.5 times the memory capacity than the xbox can use on one disc. which is a real shame for both xbox owners and ps3 owners; we have to share games with xbox a lot of the time so when they make a game for ps3 and 360, they have to make it fit the memory, and xbox uses the memory before the ps3 and so ps3 is stuck with a shortened game likewise with xbox, but its xbox's fault to start with...this makes me angry because i buy games like Mirror's Edge and its brilliant until it finishes so soon, because the xbox is a pile of crap- it does everything the Playstation2 (yes two/2) does but with better graphics and better games.

    Has anyone noticed how short games are becoming with the xbox? Very, is the answer- this is because of the graphic imput they are trying to put in (to stand a chance against ps3 and its easy with the blu-ray system- every games company who works on one notices the difference). the better the graphics the shorter the games- the more detailed, the more memory so they have to cut-down the games. -->THIS MEANS YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY! you can buy a much longer and therefore more entertaining game on ps3 for the same money as buying a shorter and less graphical game on xbox.

    And also, to add another comment on "360!" you can buy a separate harddrive for ps3 and xbox to expand the memory- this however doesnt affect the disc itself, it affects the download content you can keep on the console and the saves you leave from games.
  37. On November 24, 2008 LBP fan said: -
    also if you read above this explains the size of the memory in a lbp game
    "LBP needs 41GB of disk space to play, Alot higher than Xbox Dual-Disk DVD.." this guy knows his stuff, to add to that though (in case you skipped my long but important message before) the dual-discs can only use about 8GB- not 41GB.

  38. On November 25, 2008 360 ! said: -

    Did you know the new xbox experience has an install feature ?
    Maybe they can bould something around that ?...
  39. On November 25, 2008 360 ! said: -

    That means you can install from multiple Dvd's.. like on your Pc..
    it wil give the xbox the game's where you were talking about.
    But however.. i dont know if this is possible. It could be a way ?

    + that.. not everyone has 60Gb memory.. a lot of ppl are still with 20GB memory card.

    But like i said.. it could be a way.. And i think the only way for the xbox.. otherwise they need to design a new console.

    more gutted ?
  40. On November 25, 2008 Random said: -
    This game is so great to ps3, so i reaaally hope it comes for xbox 360. First i thought it was a kid game but its so so so great

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