Little Big Planet

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Posted on 2008-01-25

So far Sony’s had a couple of big hitters recently on its big black box, namely Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted. Lots of PS3 owners were hoping by now that Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet would already be playable but alas it’s delayed until Autumn 2008. However, at the recent CES event we got to see more of the game and get a better understanding of how it all works.

In essence the game’s a community modding and platforming game where you can design your own stages for up to four people to complete co-operatively. These characters are all very cute and you can add all sorts of hats, clothes and accessories to them to make them look cute – and weird, which will please lots of people I know.

You just have to make your way from the start to the finish but the limit on how you do that is set by your own imagination. Skateboards, tanks, footballs, bricks, fruit, spinning wheels, you name it and it’s there, or it can be made and plonked into the crazy world.

It’s also possible to die in the game, and at CES they showed some of the little critters jumping over hot colas and sometimes into it. They then go flying off the screen a comedic way. Norman Wisdom eat your heart out.

In order to post levels on line you’re going to need to complete them first to prove they can be done, and as you play through the levels already in the game, you earn something they’re calling Fluff which lets you buy new objects and gear. Users can also rate levels you post online and then your levels will be famous for all to see. And if you like playing through a level or find it frustrating, you can even emote and make faces by using the d-pad for angry, happy, sad etc. Who said you can’t just turn on a smile?

It all sounds great and should be a big hit for Sony as the nights begin to draw in again.

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet

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