Nyko Type Pad Pro Keyboard for Wii announced

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Posted on 2010-06-16

Up until now if you wanted to type a lot of text on your Wii you either had to use the onscreen virtual keyboard or purchase the rather good looking but bulky official Logitech Wii Cordless Keyboard.

Just announced from major third party peripheral maker Nyko; Type Pad Pro for Wii is a portable QWERTY keyboard that plugs directly into the WiiRemote itself for quick and easy use. It’s a battery free design features a port pass through port for your WiiMotionPlus or Nunchuck accessories. Available right now from Amazon for under $30; sounds like it’s time to start writing those emails from your couch on your Nintendo Wii to me.

Buy a Nyko Type Pad Pro Keyboard now
New: Buy a Nyko Type Pad Pro Keyboard from Amazon.com

Nyko Type Pad Pro Keyboard

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Buy Nyko Type Pad Pro Keyboard from www.amazon.comNyko Type Pad Pro Keyboard is now available for the Wii from www.amazon.com


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