Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 release date

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Posted on 2010-06-16

Tiger Woods 10 was one of the biggest selling titles for Nintendo Wii last year. This wasn’t because the Wii outdid the HD consoles with great graphics or an exclusive Tiger Woods Hot Coffee minigame. No of course the Wii with its unique motion controls meant that if you wanted to have that real golf feel then Tiger Woods on Wii was the way to go.

Just like last year, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 for Wii sees small but nonetheless impressive improvements over the previous year’s releases.

This year Tiger Woods 11 for Wii once again has additional support for the Wii Motion Plus addon which enables much more fluid and almost 1 to 1 golfing controls.

Here are just some of things you can expect in Tiger Woods 11 for Nintendo Wii this golf season:

  • Ryder Cup Challenge with full roster control
  • Improved MotionPlus support
  • Tour View, an exclusive first person golfing viewpoint
  • Play Frisbee/Disc Golf on most of the world’s best courses

Don’t forget you can get $20 Amazon credit by preordering before the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Wii release date on June 8th in North America. European golfing fans will have to wait just a little bit longer for the Tiger Woods Tour 11 Wii release date on July 2nd 2010.

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