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Review of Army of TWO The Devils Cartel video game for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC rated 6 out of 10
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Army of TWO is back with new developers, new characters and a new feel as once again you play through the game solo or with a friend sitting next to you split screen or online. This time the game’s subheading is “The Devil’s Cartel” as you head into Mexico to rescue a poor individual who’s got on the wrong side of a gang of drug dealers. Every day stuff really!

Alpha and Bravo are now the playable characters, as they’re mentored and work alongside Salem and Rios from the previous games from time to time and for the most part, this is very much a 3rd-person cover shooter. Tap ‘A’ when a blue cursor appears in front of an object and you’ll either crouch behind what you’re standing next to or make a dash and slide to cover further away. When it works it’s great, however there are times when you want to come out of cover and end up dashing to an object that’s surrounded by enemies, only to be shot to bits. It’s handy then that your partner AI if playing in single player rarely gets into trouble and is adept at picking you up again! Enemies aren’t as clever though, and usually spawn in batches of three by bursting through doors or jumping over walls and either stand in cover or charge at or beside you for target practice. Hit zones are also a bit odd. You can fire at someone point blank with a shotgun and miss, but then kill someone with the same weapon from a distance. Quite frankly, that doesn’t make sense!

And neither does the motivation of the characters really. The game definitely has a more serious tone but there are still wisecracks from the pair which don’t really hit the mark. And the fact that they’re wearing masks all the time means you don’t really warm to them. Technically the game doesn’t look all that great either. Animations are stiff, screen tearing rips through cut scenes, textures visibly load in front of you and invisible walls sometimes prevent you from walking into clearly accessible areas.

The saving grace is the addition of Overkill which is actually a lot of fun. Get enough kills and score enough points and you can tap LB to enter Overkill mode, which basically means you’re invincible, have unlimited ammo you don’t need to reload and can just go crazy annihilating everything in your way. This mindless destruction is actually a blast and thankfully just marginally lifts the game above average fare.

This latest iteration of the Army of TWO games certainly isn’t going to win any awards but if you want a mindless shooter with tonnes of destruction, you may find something here to pass the time with. It gets 6 out of 10.

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