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review of Assault Heroes 2 for Xbox 360 from xbox live marketplace rated 6 out of 10
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Assault Heroes 2 is the sequel to the first game where this time you must fight the evil alien threat that’s been waiting in outer space to attack. It seems your enemy in the first game was just a pawn and now you’ve got to fight something much much tougher. And they’re not bloomin’ wrong. This game is rock hard even on medium difficulty and you’re going to have to be a hardcore shooter fan to stand a chance of getting through it without dying constantly.

Assault Heroes 2 plays like a cross between retro games Commando, Ikari Warriors and Smash TV and for the most part plays as a vertical shooter where you try to avoid your enemies’ gunfire in a 4×4 vehicle. If this blows up you have to survive on foot until a new one appears and you can hijack enemy helicopters just for the crack. There are also plenty of weapons and upgrades including rockets, machine guns, flame throwers, grenades and ice guns, and you can fire these independently of where you move using the right analogue stick.

As you make your way through each zone you have mini end bosses to fight and then big end of level bosses. You make your way through inside and outside locations through forests, mountains, rainforest and eventually outer space.

Everything in Assault Heroes 2 looks nice and bright and runs in full 3D even though the perspective is from top down. The game sometimes struggles when there’s a lot going on at once but this is rare.

As I said before this game is one tough cookie and it’s best you play this game in co-op mode if you don’t want to keep seeing the Game Over logo popping up every five minutes. Also, it’s a shame the helicopter you can hijack is also so puny - it also takes some time to take off and usually gets blown up before you can get into the air.

Still, if you like your shooters and you like a challenge then this one may be worth a download.

Assault Heroes 2 gets a good 6 out of 10.

Assault Heroes 2 review

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