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Review of New Super Mario Bros U video game for the Nintendo Wii U rated 9 out of 10
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So this is the first time we see Mario in a true HD game and although at its core the gameplay may seem very familiar, the extra lick of paint the game’s received and the detail it brings does make the whole process of rescuing Princess Peach (again) a joy.

This is yet another iteration of the side-scrolling platformer we know and love from the very first days of Super Mario Bros. You jump on the heads of Goombas, Koopa Troopers and all their pals, collect coins and try to make it to the end of the level. There is of course then added replay value as you try to locate all three large coins hidden away in the levels and to do that, you’re going to need all the extra powers you can get by bashing blocks with your noggin. The usual power-ups are back such as fire flower power, firing ice balls and becoming invulnerable with the help of a star but the new stand-out power this time around is the Flying Squirrel suit. Nab yourself an acorn and you don an ever-so-warm looking winged outfit which lets you glide around the levels, cling onto walls so you can think about your next move and get an extra boost skywards with a press of RZ or a shake of the Gamepad.

You’ll also be able to ride Yoshi and you’ll encounter Baby Yoshis which do different things according to colour. Pink ones turn into big balloons you can hang on through the level, blue ones fire bubbles that trap enemies and turn them into coins and yellow ones light up the room and eat everything in front of them.

The world map also has a purpose. Now there are little mini games as you travel between the levels where you must avoid or go after enemies for extra bonuses and of course there are hidden levels to find if you can work out what power you need and how to use it.

It’s also worth noting that this game provides a real challenge. I used up many continues as I ran out of lives but that’s a good thing. I’ve cruised through previous iterations of the game before and although the experience of dying over and over again can be frustrating, the sense of achievement when you finally make it through a tricky level is worth it.

If playing with friends there are also other modes to try out. If you still have your Wii remotes you can have up to three friends play through the level whilst you touch the gamepad to stun enemies or build extra blocks to jump on. You can be as helpful or as destructive as you wish - it’s good fun but not something a hardcore platform gamer will be that interested in. To top it all there are also other modes and challenges to try on top of the campaign, and online support so you can challenge your friends in time trials and the like.

This is by far the best New Super Mario Bros game to date so it can’t get less than 9 out of 10.

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