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Review of Wacky World of Sports video game for the Nintendo Wii rated 4 out of 10
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Tuna Tossing. Just look at that for a moment. Doesn’t the idea strike fear into your heart? And yet, here it is; one of the ten mini-games available on Sega’s latest crazy concoction - Wacky World of Sports for Wii. Sega have travelled the world, found the most bizarre cult and niche “sports” they could get coherently explained to them and decided to bring them to the Nintendo Wii. If you’ve ever wanted to see how far you could throw a fish and nobody ever gave you a chance, consider this your big break. You weirdo.

So there’s Tuna Tossing, and there’s Mud Sliding. That’s like sledging except instead of snow there’s mud and instead of a sledge there’s you. You can indulge yourself in a spot of Lawnmower or Furniture Racing if you’re looking for a Gran Turismo killer. There’s something called Fierjeppen which has something to do with holding on to a pole? You might want to ask Wikipedia about that one. How about some Log Cutting, Cheese Rolling or (wait for it) EXTREME IRONING. Wait, is this list for real? Card Boxing and Ice Golf? Very funny guys. You nearly had me.

This is certainly not going to be a serious sporting exhibition, so turn away now if you’re not interested in stupid, light hearted games. We’ve seen mini-game collections like this countless times before, especially on the Wii, and they’ve produced some rather odd stuff: dancing Bombermen and defecating Rabbids for example. There are only ten here which instantly puts the collection in a negative light compared to Mario Party 8 and the like and it lacks the hook or gimmick that kept Rayman Raving Rabbids and Warioware interesting.

You should get your first taster of the games in Tour Mode, which sees you and your wacky character (you know, fat dudes, anime chicks and people with afros) travelling the world in search of the perfect log to cut. Party Mode is where the action is though, this is where you can kick back and have some quality multiplayer time, even if you will be giggling at how absurd the whole thing is and going “Wait, what?” every five seconds.

You’ve got a Wiimote in your hands, so you know what these games are going to want from you. Ice Golf and Furniture Racing are the most “normal” of the mini-games, being gimmicky golf and racing games respectively. Cheese Rolling is a strange mix of Boules and cheese. Extreme Ironing expects you to pretend you’re actually doing the ironing, which isn’t fun, even if you are pretending to fall out of a plane. Mud Sliding involves moving your character through targets as he plummets towards a muddy bottom, and mostly the others require a waggle or a spin of the Wiimote to get your avatar into action. These aren’t exactly inspired gameplay mechanics and it seems like Sega have put very little creativity into them instead of choosing to offer workable, somewhat fun, but very standard games.

This would be ok if there were as many games here as there are on Carnival Games or Mario & Sonic but there are not. Unless you’re heavy into your multiplayer this game will be over for you in a week.

That’s the problem here. The game is fun enough, the graphics aren’t terrible and your friends will be happy to join you playing while you wait for something good to come out. But there’s not enough depth or charm to keep anyone playing for long. I would love to say this was a missed opportunity, but the concept itself isn’t that exciting to begin with. Maybe if some more thought had gone into the mechanics, or if there had been lots more games, Wacky World of Sports wouldn’t pale in comparison to half the Wii market and receive a lacklustre score of 4 out of 10.

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