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Posted on 2010-08-16

Who would have thought that just seven months after the release of Bioshock 2 we’re already hearing details for Bioshock 3? It may me crazy but it’s true; Irrational Games (the developers of the original Bioshock) have released some very tasty screenshots of the new game, Bioshock Infinite.

We don’t know much but what we do know so far is that Bioshock Infinite takes players away from the depths of the ocean to a new city floating above Columbia. Yes that’s right, floating above the clouds in a city held up by propellers and hot air balloons, very intriguing. Yes we’re very excited and as soon as we know a Bioshock Infinite Release Date we’ll let you know. While you’re waiting why not check out these screenshots.

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Bioshock Infinite pics

Bioshock Infinite

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  1. On August 22, 2010 Simon said: -
    This looks a truly awesome game - I love how the trailer initially leads you to believe you are returning to Rapture and then, BAM, you are sent 180 degrees in the other direction up into the clouds.

    The graphics so far look great as well as what I have read about the game - 2012 is a long way off yet though!

    Await the demo with baited breath.
  2. On September 5, 2010 chrisdaman said: -
    it is a weird twist from number 2 but i think it works thus i am pleased with how they have produced this game
  3. On September 7, 2010 chrisdaman said: -
    the powers on the last one were suprisingly boring but yet i couldnt take my eyes off the screen i cnt wait to plasy dis wun

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