Lego Star Wars 3 release date

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Posted on 2011-03-08

Blocks might seem boring but the entire species of the human race has a strange fascination with them. We give babies building blocks to play with to get them used to stacking things ready for working for Tesco, whilst our teenagers enjoy throwing blocks through car windscreens on Friday nights. As adults we borrow lots of money from a bank so we can spend it on a house made entirely out of - yes; you guessed it, blocks.

Video games have also had their fair share of block action recently, most notably Boom Blox Bash Party on the Wii. But did you know that if records for every version of Tetris had been kept, it is estimated that Tetris has probably sold over 150 Million copies worldwide?

Now there is one set of blocks that I’ve deliberately not mentioned thus far. Remember all those birthday parties you had as a kid when the only present you wanted was a brand new bike? And what was it that mum and dad actually bought you?

That’s right LEGO. The famous Danish toy plastic building blocks that are just the perfect size for any child to choke on. In 2005 the world was taken by storm with Lego Star Wars the video game and since then we’ve not looked back. We’ve had; Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Harry Potter and even Lego Batman. At this rate it won’t be very long before we have Lego Debbie Does Dallas.

If you haven’t had your fill of Lego games then this month sees the genre return to its roots with the release of Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. It doesn’t matter what platform you have because the game is coming out on all of them; The Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars release date is March 22nd 2011 and you can grab the game on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Sony PSP, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Windows and even the brand new Nintendo 3DS.

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