New DS Lite colours

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Posted on 2008-05-21

Although there must be only five people around the developed world who haven’t got a DS yet, Nintendo have decided to lure them into the £99 purchase by launching three tasty looking new colours on the 13 June. Even though I already have two black DS lites these new colours (Red, Turquoise and Green) are pretty alluring.

New DS Lite colours

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  1. On June 21, 2008 steven said: -
    when are these colors coming to north america?????????
  2. On June 29, 2008 teddy d said: -
    i'm getting a enamel blue ds lite with new super mario bros. soon
  3. On July 2, 2008 Ash said: -
    I don't really like the green colour. I like Red and Ice Blue!!!
  4. On January 12, 2011 haho said: -

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