Nintendo DS Lite Limited Edition Pokemon Pack

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Posted on 2008-08-13

A super stylish new Nintendo DS Lite is heading our way - this special Onyx coloured edition is emblazoned with images of the rare Pokémon; Dialga and Palkia. In the special bundle you not only get the cool coloured DS Lite but a nice bundle of other extras:

  • A never released animation special of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon on DVD.
  • A special DS carrying case (also emblazoned with Dialga and Palkia).
  • A nice mini poster.

We reckon that’s not too bad for $129 - pity they couldn’t throw in a Pokemon game as well though.

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  1. On August 13, 2008 shaks said: -
    the ds lite is really an amazing cosole isnt it.. i mean i can enjoy it all day
  2. On April 11, 2009 Kate Sinsheimer said: -
    I need this Ds
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