New Xbox 360 Pro model

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Posted on 2008-07-09

Leaked reports from a number of stores suggest that Microsoft is scrapping the current mid range model with a 20GB hard disk and replacing it with a 60GB version for the same price. This brings the console more consistently in line with the 120GB Elite model, providing much more storage space for Xbox Live games, trailers and demos.

Whilst that is good news in itself, this does also mean there could be great chance to pick up the current 20GB premium model at a bargain price if stores decide to clear stocks. I’m certainly going to be checking those bargain bins for a cheap 360, you can never have too many £200 red ringed doorstops in my opinion.

Expect official news of the Xbox 360 Pro release date on the 13th of July, with a rumoured price of $299 USD (£4 GBP).

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