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Posted on 2013-05-21

In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft have just announced their brand spanking new Xbox called…Xbox One! Yes, they’ve gone back to the beginning with a new piece of tech that looks like it would sell well in Comet but actually packs quite a punch, delivering a one-stop shop for your multimedia living room experience when combined with the new Kinect, a lovely new controller with grippy analogue sticks and an improved Smartglass where you can use your phone as a remote.

Xbox One will allow you to instantly switch between live TV, games, movies and the internet with gestures and voice commands and can store everything in the cloud so you can access your stuff anytime, anywhere on one of their 300,000 servers powering Xbox LIVE. As you’d expect, the console is more powerful too with 5 billion transistors, 8GB of RAM, USB 3.0, a Blu Ray drive and a 500 GB HDD. They say it’s also practically silent which will be good news of old Xbox 360 owners who can’t hear their TVs above the sound of it about to take off.

The Kinect is much bigger and bulkier but does see everything in 1080p, with a wide angle lens which can see more of your living room. This basically means you can chat using Skype and it can also detect more detailed gestures and even your heart beat! No word yet if it will call an ambulance if you die on the sofa.

So, what are the games like? Well, these featured the least in the presentation but EA revealed their next generation of sports titles on Xbox One, with more realism thanks to a new engine called EA SPORTS IGNITE. Microsoft Studios also revealed Forza Motorsport 5 will be a launch title for the console and a Halo TV series with no other than Steven Spielberg at the helm. In fact there will be 15 exclusive titles for the Xbox One over the first 12 months with 8 of those being new IPs. Finally, Activision showed off CoD Ghosts for the first time and some impressive tech that really made everything look much, much prettier.

Xbox One will be out later on in 2013 and we’ll have more news about the console from E3 in just over two weeks!

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