Wii injuries

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Posted on 2008-01-25

The Nintendo Wii is being blamed for injuries in middle-aged parents. Doctors say they are increasingly getting parents coming into their surgery with back and neck problems from getting a bit too heavy-handed with tennis and boxing.

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  1. On January 29, 2008 Emma said: -
    people should be more careful when it comes to playing the wii! I've looked at other blogs and the things people say are horrible those idiots don't really no what there talking about any ways! Right?
  2. On May 30, 2008 amanda said: -
    People are talking about how the wii is messed up and how they are getting hurt. I checked out the stories and photos of people who got hurt and they are blaming the wii! For example, " i was plying tennis and i was so excited ( hint hint ) that i jumped up and slipeed ( another hint hint ) Therefore, leading to a sprained ankle. That isnt the wii thats doing that! If people actually read the directions and kept the strap on tight enough and were CAREFUL and PAID ATTENTION to their surroundings, this may not happen. Also, I went over to my friends house and she had the strap on, but it was as loose as a 14-16 size on a 4 year old! I have been waiting for the remote to go in the TV! I know it will soon because she wasn't careful! (hint hint)

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