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Hands on review of Wii Fit rated 9 out of 10
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With Wii Fit Nintendo are hoping to end gym memberships forever. With videogames being blamed for health problems and kids being overweight, this does the opposite by doing what Brain Training did for the mind on the body.

It comes with a balance board, basically a set of flat white scales that also measure your centre of balance. You stand on it and do a number of exercises and games to get you in shape. There’s yoga, muscle workouts, balance games and aerobic exercises and every day the game tests your Wii Fit age based on your height, weight, BMI and balance.

As far as having a personal trainer goes, you can choose from a man or a woman to tell you what to do. I went for the woman simply because the man had Frank Lampard’s annoying face. They then go through the motions whether it’s lunges, yoga or press-ups and you treat them as a mirror image. The balance board also knows if you’re doing the moves correctly judging on the pressure points it measures whilst you break a sweat. This really works as you do the exercises at the right speed and get the technique right - you even get encouragement to keep you going.

Games use your Mii characters. Aerobic games range from spinning your hips to catch hooplas as you’re on the board or using the board as a step. You can even put the Wiimote in your pocket and jog on the spot as you go for a run through a park, other Miis in your system passing by. It’s quite funny having Larry David and Hitler waving at you or throwing hoops at you.

The balance games are also lots of fun. You can ski, head footballs amongst other games.

This is a great way to get your general fitness up but I am concerned by the first reading it gives you. Simply by not balancing well it can tell a fit, slim 24 year old they have the body of a 44 year old with a weak body when all they’ve actually done is have a couple of glasses of wine.

Still, if you stick with this game on a daily basis, unlocking new games and exercises as you go and setting targets to reach, I’m sure it will prove very beneficial. The Wii fit release date is today so go out and buy the wii fit balance board now! Wii Fit gets a fantastic 9 out of 10.

Wii Fit review

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  1. On May 2, 2008 All Muscle Building said: -
    Don't worry about others or where you came from..It ain't what you were, it's what you have become with the use of wii...
  2. On September 2, 2008 Wii Fit Accessories said: -
    It would be great if they actually made the wii fit board height adjustable.

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