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I visit the mushroom kingdom as Luigi in my review of New Super Luigi U video game for the Wii U rated 8 out of 10
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I’m not quite sure why Luigi is attempting to rescue the princess from Bowser in New Super Luigi U - I can only assume Mario is fed up from doing it over and over again and has now decided his brother should have a go instead. This game only works if you have the original game and, coming in at more than you’d expect from a simple DLC, it really is up to you whether you think it’s worth the purchase based on what I’m about to tell you.

This is your chance to play through a remixed version of events from Mario’s adventure, albeit with Luigi, who can jump higher, get some extra lift mid-air with a kind of jog on the spot, and this guy takes longer to stop too, in fact most of the levels feel like you’re playing in the ice world as you put the brakes on and slide across the land. The other thing you’ll notice is you only have 100 seconds to complete these shorter levels, making the game a lot more intense and frantic as the ‘hurry up’ music plays as soon as the level begins.

You’ll still be trying to collect all three big coins to truly complete each level and there are the usual power ups to collect and baby Yoshis you can grab along the way that can help you even further with the powers of floating, spitting bubbles, swallowing enemies, lighting up dark areas and more.

Although this game feels very familiar to what’s gone before, it’s Luigi’s movement that does alter the way you play. Levels have been designed in so that you can pull off what would have been impossible with Mario’s abilities, as you jump across vast chasms and drift between enemies like never before - it’s satisfying but also fiendishly difficult at times as well!

So with that in mind, make your own mind up if it’s worth a buy or not. If you really want more side-scrolling fun before Super Mario 3D World lets you run about all over the place in true 3D style, then this is definitely something worth taking a hop, skip and jump toward. It gets an excellent 8 out of 10.

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