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Posted on 2010-06-16

Last night I went to the Metal Hammer Golden Gods music awards and Namco were sponsoring the event with their remake of the 80s classic Splatterhouse. We got VIP access and a presentation on a boat where we also got to try the game out as well. In the game you play as Rick who must rescue his girlfriend from the evil Dr West. You don a magical mask that makes you all pumped (wish it was that easy) and then go about defeating all the monsters and experiments across lots of 3D and 3D levels.

As you kill the monsters your mask takes energy from the blood that’s been spilled and then you can do special moves such as tuning your arms into blades and cutting enemies in half or having lots of spikes come out of you, impaling everything in the room.

Although this does seem like a rather run-of-the-mill 3D beat ‘em up, it is lots of fun to play. Just don’t expect it to rival anything like Bayonetta in the playability stakes. And if you’re a fan of the original games, they are unlocked once you’ve completed the game so you can relive your retro glory days. The Splatter House release date is expected to be during fall this year.

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