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Review of Sing Party video game for the Nintendo Wii U rated 6 out of 10
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There have been plenty of Karaoke games for consoles over the years, most notably SingStar for the PS3. However, if you don’t own Sony’s console and want to have a go at embarrassing yourself in front of your mates on the Wii U, then this is the only game so far to let you. Sing Party has a track list of 50 songs that range from Robbie Williams singing a Frank Sinatra Classic, to the B52′s Love Shack, to Nickelback, Taio Cruz and James Brown. It’s quite an eclectic play list which means you won’t want to sing all the tracks but if you’re playing with a group it means that there should be something for everyone whatever their age or music preference.

Coming with one microphone but compatible with other USB gaming mics you may have lying around, the game features four modes. Party Mode lets you sing songs whilst looking at the GamePad for the lyrics whilst instructions for anyone watching come up on the screen if they want to dance and sing along. Sing Mode rates how you perform either solo or in a duet and takes pitch, power and flair into account - if you mumble into the microphone you’re not going to score very highly but if you blast out your song and also improvise a bit you should get a better score.

Team Mode lets you play against each other in groups and practice mode lets you sing songs and measure your tone ant pitch thanks to some handy meters. You can also skip through the song to the bits you think need work.

Although the game is missing music videos, it does have some extra features on the GamePad. You can tap along to the beat or open other tabs that include mixing the track and vocals up and down or adding reverb to make things sound a bit more bearable. You can also use a Wiimote as an ‘instrument’ and shake along to the beat if you so fancy. Having tried it, it’s definitely not mine.

There’s little value in playing Sing Party alone but if you are planning a party with people who don’t seem to have inhibitions you may get some fun out of it. It’s early days yet though - hopefully a bigger music library may become available that lets you download tracks for other karaoke parties but for now the fun’s rather limited so Sing Party gets a good 6 out of 10.

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