GTA IV PC release date

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Posted on 2008-04-30

UPDATE - GTA IV PC version - out now

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Original article: One eagle-eyed reader of our blog a release date for GTA 4 for pc has been spotted in the manual of the Xbox 360 version of GTAIV. Apparently on 13th December 2008 Niko and Roman will be finding a place on your Windows start menu just in time for the Christmas. No details on what additional GTA4 PC version features will be included, if it will be a Vista-only release or what minimum hardware will be required - but best put in a word to Santa for the latest Alienware hardware just in case.

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GTA IV PC release date

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  1. On May 4, 2008 Mawson said: -
    mmmm.... any evidence to back this up?
  2. On May 4, 2008 Morbus said: -
    nah. It's a console title, it will run on XP and will run just fine on e6600 2GB ram and x1950xtx... just like every other port.
  3. On May 4, 2008 John said: -
    Well, according to people with game manuals, this isn't true... No1 found any PC release date in the last page of the game manual.
  4. On May 4, 2008 John said: -
    btw by people I mean 2 people who aren't that good with English, so this isn't 100% sure. If some1 has a manual, check this and let us know!
  5. On May 4, 2008 GTA Guy said: -
    man i need this game! i wood buy 360 or ps3 but my parents don't wanna spend money on a system for 1 game! I need GTA!
  6. On May 4, 2008 Dave said: -
    Its a shame because is this not the 21st century? i also heard october release for pc but to be honest thats still to long... there taking the michael out of us they should atleast have the courtesy to let us know that there even working on it.
    so all in all if its not out in the next few weeks im not gonna bother buying it especialy if they try to RErelease it for christmas sales.
  7. On May 4, 2008 sherman said: -
    Be dumb to come out that late. spore comes out in september.
  8. On May 4, 2008 Antipop said: -
    Yeah, will be the best version. Better graphics, smoother, dedicated online servers, probably 50+ mp servers too, not just 16... should be sweet. :)
  9. On May 5, 2008 Johnn Costello said: -
    IN 7 months? i an't wait that long...i... i just can't...BOOM (shot myself in the head)
  10. On May 5, 2008 ArScAn said: -
    I read the 360 manual and didn't find any evidence of the pc version...I'll take a better look again later but I beleive it''s fake... Waste of time but I'm sure it will be released soon...
  11. On May 6, 2008 ArScAn said: -
    Was this news verified before publishing? Please post some evidence... I read all the 360 manual and there is nothing there!!!
  12. On May 6, 2008 Dam Man said: -
    Wow the PC gets the shaft again! October, December?? either one is lame, really hate take two for this everytime.
  13. On May 6, 2008 MC - Eminem said: -
    I just can't wait 7 months,i can tell ya,it won't be 7 months,the game will be released in 2 or 3 months. They are just trying to make us nervous so that we won't wait and to make us buy 360 or ps3. I've watched several trailors and i personaly think that it's the best gta and maby best game ever made.I love gta 3 cuz of the liberty city and it's great ro have the game back to liberty city.And by the way,if anyone HAVE THE SITE WITH BETTER DECRIPTION OF GTA 4 PLEASE SEND ME E MAIL WITH THAT SITE,my e mail is: [email protected].
  14. On May 6, 2008 lionman said: -
    lol WTF is they first relesing gta IV on the 13th of DECEMBER!!
  15. On May 6, 2008 lionman said: -
    is it only working on vista OoR WTF?
  16. On May 6, 2008 lionman said: -
    freaking LOL! cant belive rockstar is so stupid thaat first realesing the PC version on december f**king d**k-heads
  17. On May 6, 2008 CHeburashka! said: -
  18. On May 7, 2008 John said: -
    OK after a few checkups I found out that it's not true. There's nothing that hints about the PC port in the xbox360 manual. The user lied.
  19. On May 9, 2008 Toingz said: -
    yey,this suck.Why the hell is it on Decemder
  20. On May 9, 2008 Toingz said: -
    this is bull, now I'v got to wait for months
  21. On May 9, 2008 Goblin said: -
    In the past it took 6 to 12 months for Rockstar to release their previous installments of the GTA games to PC, however, previous games were not released on XBOX and you never know what kind of agreement Rockstar made with Micro**** about the release on XBOX. For all we know the agreement forbids Rockstar of making PC releases. I hope its not the case though and I hope that by november/december the game will be released for PC. It won't be a Vista only release because that is idiotic, if anything it won't work on Vista because Vista is a pile of incompatible crap and will go down in history as a failure in OS, just like Windows ME. Its just a matter of time before Microsoft will acknowledges it, cause no business in their right mind will install that memory hungry, slow, ugly, and user unfriendly garbage on their employee desktops. But sorry, i am getting off topic, chances are there will be a GTA IV Windows release in 6 to 18 months. The user who said Dec 13, 2008 lied.
  22. On May 11, 2008 V3ND3TT4 said: -
    Well GTA: San Andreas and Vice City was released for PC so they should release GTA IV for PC aswell, but they do have problems making engough copies of the game because it gets soldout in the stores so fast. So only time will tell.
  23. On May 15, 2008 bugga said: -
    stupid ****... why the hell not release it at the SAME *****ing time?
  24. On May 16, 2008 dicanio said: -
    dont be so down guys, sure gta 4 is a great game but being a pc gamer myself i dont really mind waiting for the release.
    we all (should) know the financial reasons for releasing on console only for the first 6 months.
    All in all although the game is looking fantastic im 100% sure that once pc gamers get to play it they'll think well it is much better than SA but im damn glad i didn't waste money on a console just to play GTA 4!!!
    we'll get it eventually and it'll be great but dont get sucked into the hype and think about getting a 360/ps3 just to play it.
    I had a birthday come and go recently and the wife asked if i wanted a ps3 and i said no - sure MGS and a few other titles are looking good but all i have to do is look at my ps2 gathering dust next to my ps1 to know my pc is king and NO game would convince me otherwise.
    Hold tight pc owners - we will get the best version and lets not forget pc gamers have been playing SA multiplayer forever already, multiplayer is nothing new to us :)
  25. On May 16, 2008 vista lover said: -
    vista rules the world and this game will run if u got a good computer.
  26. On May 16, 2008 dicanio said: -
    im dumb and i like mac it rules u dumb vista lover
  27. On May 17, 2008 xp lova said: -
    i cant wait 4 seven months. thats a long wait. please i wish it comes out for pc. If it does come out im gettin it
  28. On May 17, 2008 Kristaps-K9[Lv] said: -
    OK with those 12 to 18 months youre making everyone nervous ...if ill have to wait that long ill just work the summer and buy PS3 rather t5han whait 18 months..

    damn i can bet that rockstar has something against PCs because the xbox 360 and ps3 are new consoles and they hope that pc users will change their 1000$ (or more)whorth PCs for a black or white box that has a hard drive and internet conection.

    IT SUCKS!!!!:(
  29. On May 17, 2008 Merwiz said: -
    7 months?????****!!!!!i though is gonna be ****ing realeased on october or november but december...WTF??
  30. On May 17, 2008 Salman said: -
    Vista sucks. I use Win XP.

    Lets hope this game comes out soon on the PC. And don't worry guys there are ways to hack a Vista on;y game to be playable on XP.
  31. On May 18, 2008 Patrick said: -
    as a reply to dicanio, us pc gamers have been playing multiplayer since gta 3 came out on it, it also had multiplayer, but it wasn't as popular as SA was.
    But theres one thing your very wrong about.

    MGS:4 is worth buying a ps3 for. It's truely the most amazing game you'll ever play, and I can 100% assure you on it.

    Also, The one bad part about it, the gta part, is for us pc gamers, your going to need a Nice Ass computer, and I'm positive on that one.

    with the graphics this things pushing is going to take alot to play. Standard pc's aren't going to handle it.
  32. On May 18, 2008 Patrick said: -
    He's right though, Online play isn't anything close to being new for us GTA pc-ers. You guys act like its such a big deal, but its not close. We've had it for so damn long and you guys think its a better reason for buying it. its not.
  33. On May 18, 2008 Homer Simpson said: -
    theres no proof he really saw that in the manual hes probably just lying like the swiss website that made a fake image of gta iv for pc and besides VISTA RUCKS (oops i mean:)SUCKS
    but hopeis not gone they probably create a pc version they wont forget us

    and one last thing the PC piracy up bull**** well... its bulls*** u can illegally download games for PS3 as well oh and DOH>.<
  34. On May 19, 2008 Stu said: -
    I'm not even sure I will buy it now, talk about forgetting who you owe your success to! Might just download it for making me wait that long.
  35. On May 20, 2008 Morten said: -
    1. Vista does not suck. It just has some backward compatibility problems. So what... So does Windows XP... You can't keep using old stuff... That way, we'll stay in the 21st century.

    2. GTA IV will arrive on PC. It's the same thing with Assassin's Creed. Microsoft are laying pressure on the game developers to postpone the releases of PC games, to let more users buy it for Xbox 360, or maybe even buy the console if they don't have it.

    3. Heck, the PC version could already have gone gold. Maybe it's ready for release, and just waiting for all the console owners to buy the game.

    4. Define standard pc? I mean, as it is now, a standard pc is at least 2 cores, 2gb ram and a geforce 8800. If you doesn't meet that, you've got an out-dated system.

    5. The game companies should really drop the test machines (consoles), and release the games sooner (pc)!
  36. On May 20, 2008 Mike said: -
    I agree with you except point 4

    "Standard PC" what the hell do you mean?

    WtF would the point of buying a PC.
    My desktop PC, 4 years old with 5500 FX could have handled anything. Only modern games such as CoD4, Crysis ETC it wouldnt even start.

    I can assure you that this will be the minimum specs:

    OS - Windows XP or Windows Vista
    Processor - Pentium 4 2.8 GHz (XP) or 3.2 GHz (Vista) or equivilient
    Memory - 1.0 GB RAM (XP) or 1.5 GB RAM (Vista)
    Video Card -256 MB = this will be in my opinion 6 series mabye 6800
    Hard Drive - 6-12GB who knows, well 500GB is "standard"?
    Sound Card - DirectX 9.0c compatible
  37. On May 20, 2008 FuzzySixx said: -
    I just got a new pc w/ 4gb ram, 2.7 ghz amd dual core, 512 mb radeon hd 3650, and some non game related stuff. Do you think that would handle GTA IV? BTW it only cost me $620 including case.
  38. On May 21, 2008 snoop said: -
    Don't know what the f**k u guyz are talking about. here in Kenya we have been waiting for GTA 4 since we got our anyway seriously, i have played all the GTA games and i think us pc users are always at a disadvantage. The Mic's guys want us to buy the console plus the game. its basic economics. The law of supply and demand. And we are demanding, so we can sell our PC loyalty to the console devils. BUT we will prevail. just like our GeForce's and our AMD's. The world is ours for the taking....SOON.
  39. On May 21, 2008 snoop said: -
    By the way. how about a strike for the release of gta 4. seriously dudes. THE GAMING STRIKE. what do we do? flood rocktar and its affiliates with e-mails. run an online campaign. any ideas?
    and by the way, please razor1911 please come up with a solution for all this console cr*p.
  40. On May 21, 2008 Poo Fingers said: -
    I hate nerds.

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