Top 5 Games of 2013

Video rundown of the five hottest videogames hitting the consoles in 2013. rated 0 out of 10
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Here are the five games I’m mostly looking forward to in 2013.

Crysis 3

At number five it’s Crysis 3. Prophet is back from the dead and this time he’s the one hunting down the Ceph and the CELL Corporation inside a massive Nanodome in New York. This urban jungle provides the perfect environment for Prophet to try out his brand new bow that not only strikes with silent and deadly accuracy but can also be used when cloaked. Graphically this game also looks stunning. See those blades of grass? Each one has its own physics - mental!

Tomb Raider

At four it’s Tomb Raider. This time around we go back to the beginning with an origins story for Miss Croft back in the days when she didn’t actually like tombs. Not only must Lara fight a band of un-merry men who are out for her blood but she must also push herself to the limits to escape the relentless hold of the island she’s stranded on. That’ll teach her not to get a ‘normal’ job after graduating from university.

The Last of Us

At three it’s The Last Of Us from developers Naughty Dog, the same people that brought us the insanely brilliant Uncharted series (and Crash Bandicoot). Starring what seems to be (but is definitely not) an older Nathan Drake and Ellen Page in her Juno days, it’s the characters that should really transcend this game from a run-of-the-mill 3rd-person action adventure game. Although all I’ve got to go on is a trailer showing mostly cut-scenes and an ounce of gameplay, this tale of survival in a world of chaos and mutants has really got me excited.

Watch Dogs

At two it’s Watch Dogs. Ubisoft seem to be the most forward-thinking publisher at the moment, especially seeing as they showed this blatantly next-gen game at E3 earlier this year. In the demo we saw some nifty detective work, the ability to control the city around you by hacking into essential systems and an all-out shoot-fest in the street! This one won’t be surfacing until the end of 2013 on the Xbox 720 or whatever it’s called but seeing as Ubisoft Montreal is at the helm, it’s sure to be something special.


And at number one it’s GTA V. In my humble opinion the best thing about GTA IV was actually the expansion packs featuring a biker gang and a certain Gay Tony; and it seems like they’ve stuck with more colourful, vibrant characters in the city of Los Santos - Rockstar’s take on Los Angeles. The story seems the same though, once-bad guy trying to do good and settle down but hopefully the main character will be more likeable than Nico. Even so, the action seems like it’s amped up to 11 so I can’t wait until Spring.


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