Top 5 Classic Wii games

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Posted on 2009-08-14

Every year between July and October we see the summer drought of hit titles on pretty much every platform. Developers and Publishers are saving their key brands for the Christmas Holiday schedule and tend to release second and even third rate games to fill the void. One upside to this time of year is that you can catch up with great titles you may have missed and buy them at a bargain price. We’ve had a thorough search through the internet and here for you are our top five recommended cheap Wii games from Amazon.

  1. Alien Syndrome. This little known over the top shooter comes from Sega and packs in tons of action, over 100 enemies, 8 weapons and huge bosses. What is there not to like? Grab Alien Syndrome on Amazon for less than $20.
  2. Manhunt 2. After all the controversy of Manhunt coming to Wii many people actually failed to buy the game as it slipped under the radar. Whilst it looks and plays like a PlayStation 2 game, Manhunt 2 is still probably the Wii’s goriest and most sadistic game and it’s worth a look just for that reason alone. Buy Manhunt 2 on Amazon for under $25.
  3. Elebits. This unusual Konami title uses a first person shooter style engine to bring cute kids story to life. You basically walk around your house sucking little electrical creatures up into your vacuum cleaner. A great physics showcase on Wii and nicely detailed to boot, buy Elebits on Amazon for under $17.
  4. Samba De Amigo is a fun rhythm based music game where you shake your Wii Remote like a maraca. Yes it’s a remake of a Dreamcast game but Music and Monkey’s make Samba De Amigo on Amazon a beautiful and cheap partnership for under $15.
  5. De Blob is a colourful open world style platformer with great music and graphics. You control a blob of paint and your job is to bounce around a huge city painting buildings. You can snap up DeBlob on Amazon for under $20 at Amazon.

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