Top 5 videogames for Christmas 2009

A guide to some suitable videogames for a family Christmas in 2009 for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 rated 0 out of 10
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Christmas 2009 is fast approaching and in this modern day you can amuse yourself after dinner with games consoles instead of playing charades or reading the rubbish jokes from Christmas crackers to each other. Here’s my rundown of 5 games you may wish to think about having handy on Christmas day to keep your loved ones amused.



First up it’s the EyePet - not a game just for people from Newcastle, it’s a virtual pet on your TV screen which uses the PS3 Eye camera and a magic card to hatch an egg and interact with your little furry monkey-type pet. You position the camera to point to the floor, then play a variety of games with it, feed it and even give it a little tickle to keep it happy. Of course if someone looks through the window and can’t see the TV they’ll think you’re gone bonkers but it should keep the kids amused until they neglect it and your little EyePet ends up in a home.

Eye Pet

Lips: Number One Hits

Microsoft - Xbox 360

If you fancy annoying the neighbours and shrieking at the top of your voice after a few sherries then you could pay Microsoft some lip service with their new Lips: Number One Hits game. Featuring some very sturdy wireless microphones which light up when you sing, the game features hits from Lady GaGa, Kanye West, Mariah Carey and the Black Eyed Peas. And if you don’t fancy any of those you can download new tracks via the Marketplace.

Lips Number One Hits

Wii Sports Resort

Nintendo - Wii

If you’d like to see your Gran put her back out or break a few things on the big day then you couldn’t go too far wrong with Wii Sports Resort. It’s the latest Wii Sports game since launch and it’s compatible with Wii Motion Plus which means it’s even more sensitive to your movements this time around. Set on a tropical island you can take part in Sword Play, Power Cruising and even Disc Dog. I’m sure that’s illegal in some states.

Wii Sports Resort

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Sega - Nintendo Wii

Staying with the Wii, if you fancy some Olympics fun of the winter-wonderland variety then you could get hold of Mario and Sonic’s latest game. The game features a variety of events on snow and ice and most of the events are best with four players. You can line up and go on a toboggan run, play ice hockey or even figure skate against each other. And if you have a Wii balance board you can watch your family making fools of themselves (or your girlfriend’s bottom giggling up and down).

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Modern Warfare 2

Activision - Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Finally, if you really can’t stand your family, you could lock yourself in your room on Christmas day and play with your extended family on Modern Warfare 2. This is bound to be the biggest selling game of the year so the servers will be pretty full on the big day as you climb the ranks in all kinds of multiplayer environments. And the great news is there’s a Prestige Edition which comes with some handy night vision goggles. Perfect for sneaking into your neighbour’s house and playing Silence of the Lambs.

Modern Warfare 2

There are just a few games you can try your hand at over the holidays. Remember, it’s a time of peace and good will to all men. So if you end up on the losing team, try to be nice.

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  1. On November 30, 2009 xk2 said: -
    Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is a REALLY! BAD! GAME! How could you ever recommend it?
  2. On December 3, 2009 K. Wiliam said: -
    Its no doubt that electronics and video games specifically will sell great this year. With recent price drops on next gen consoles and all of the great games released, including CODMW2 and a few sequels, you would expect an increase in sales. Get your game on!
  3. On April 7, 2010 Shanika Walkers said: -
    lol, Kanye is so funny! I love him.
  4. On January 3, 2011 Mackenzie said: -
    Oh Sonic does Figure Skating but on Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2 he would do Synchronized Swimming.

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