Top kids Wii games

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Posted on 2009-11-09

So three years after launch Nintendo’s Wii console is still a hot ticket to be the number one system of choice this holiday season. The recent price drop to $199 has spurred sales and finally becomes a more realistic prospect for families or even just for the children’s bedrooms.
We all know that everyone loves the Wii because it brings unique motion sensing gameplay to your living room. The free bundled Wii Sports game is still a worldwide phenomenon to this day and everyone from young children to grandparents enjoy it immensely. Here are my hot tips for the best kids Wii games and that will keep the children entertained over the 2009 Christmas holidays and into the New Year.

Top Wii games for children

Any one of the following titles should be great fun on Christmas Day and beyond, we’ve linked each kids game for the Wii to to help you find the best deal:-

  • Wii Sports Resort Special Edition is the fantastic sequel to the original Wii Sports title which comes with a new twist. This time you can become even more immersed in the experience because it comes bundled with Two MotionPlus units which provide a more lifelike motion control experience.
  • Active Life Outdoor Challenge brings all the fun of playing outside on Christmas Day without having to go out into the cold weather and risk catching Swine Flu.

Active Life Outdoor Challenge

  • The Beatles Rock Band Special Value Edition gives you a guitar, drums and microphone ready for some 1960’s loving Christmas fun. If you’ve never played a music game before then this Wii title is the best introduction - watch our comprehensive review of The Beatles Rock Band and see just how good this game will be at bridging the generation gap this Christmas when it has 5 year olds and granma singing along to some of the best hits from the fab 4.
  • American Idol fans will no doubt love this Karaoke Special Edition American Idol Encore 2 game with free microphone, it features 40 well known pop songs spanning from the 70′s to some tunes of today.

American Idol Karaoke Special Edition

  • Diva Girls Ice Skating features all the pretty elements of Ice Skating with none of the broken ankles and expensive Ice Skates.
  • Petz Dogz 2 will keep any children’s puppy wanting urges at bay for a little longer, and it doesn’t poop on your carpet. A dog is for life, not just for Christmas - Dogz for the Wii sits neatly in the DVD shelf all year round and works out around $1000 cheaper.

Petz Dogz 2

  • Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel dispells the myth that motor racing isn’t all about Nascar or Indianapolis 500 you know, the whole family can enjoy kart racing here. Tons of fun Nintendo characters and themed tracks allow all to compete on the same level due to its clever item distribution system which could see Grandpa beating the kids to the finish line. The game comes with a free steering wheel too, extra official Nintendo Wii Wheels can be purchased separately for $9.99 if your family prefer the addon controller that comes free with the game.
  • Wii Fit Plus is a great tool for a healthy family who want to keep track of their fitness as a group. Being able to see everyone’s fitness progress is a great way for family bonding and can be good encouragement for all to stick to the happy lifestyle you want to lead.

Wii Fit Plus


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